Aimee Curran
OMG, let's eat burritos and be COOL! 2EZ

4th Of July Outfit Inspiration

There are certain days during the year that are crucial to have a good outfit for: your birthday, New Years Eve, and the 4th of…
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Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran 19 hrs ago

Katy Perry Just Trumped Taylor Swift In A Big Way

Hello Tuesday! Let's see what's buzzing online... Congrats to Katy Perry! The mega pop-star has been named the highest paid woman in entertainment, beating out rumored…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran 22 hrs ago

Hot Or Not: Zendaya's BET Awards Red Carpet Look

At last night's BET Awards, the best and brightest of black entertainment was celebrated in a star studded event that paid homage to African Americans…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 29, 2015

10 Signs You're Kylie Jenner's Secret Style Twin

Love or hate her, there's no denying Kylie Jenner has some serious style. No matter what the 17-year-old reality star wears, she looks flawless, makes…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 29, 2015

Facepaint That Will Blow Your Mind

Last week in Buzz Bites, I mentioned the current buzz surrounding make-up artist Laura Jenkinson who uses her face as a canvas to create mind…
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Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 29, 2015

Taylor Swift And Joe Jonas Spotted Back Together In London

Happy Monday! It's a fresh new week! Let's see what's buzzing online... Taylor Swift had quite the weekend in London, Not only did she perform for…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 29, 2015

Hot Or Not: Zayn Malik's Silk Floral Shirt

nbsp; Since parting ways with One Direction, Zayn Malik has been doing a lot of experimenting with his look. He's dyed his hair seemingly every color…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 25, 2015

Ellie Goulding Just Started A New Pastel Hair Trend For Summer

Seeing Ellie Goulding with pastel hair is nothing new. The blonde haired beauty loves experimenting with her look and somehow always seems to look amazing…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 25, 2015

Selena Gomez Admits She Doesn't Have The Best Singing Voice

Ever since Selena Gomez ditched out on Disney and stepped behind the mic, the 22-year-old has had some pretty impressive success with a music career…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 25, 2015

Buzz Bites: Your Daily Pop Culture Fix

If the weeks keep flying by as fast as this one, summer is going to be over in the blink of an eye! Let's see…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 25, 2015

Exclusive: Behind-The-Scenes With Eden xo At LA Pride

NYC is currently buzzing with excitement over its annual Pride celebration this weekend, and if there's one thing the LGBT community knows what to do…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 25, 2015

5 Tips To Survive Shooting In A Photo Pit

My first photo pit was Coachella 2014. I didnt have a professional camera. I had an iPhone. I was standing in front of The 1975 tapping…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Jun 24, 2015
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