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22 Chanel Inspired Tattoos For The Fashion Obsessed

It's no secret Chanel is an iconic brand that has stood strong against the test of time. Flawless faces have lent their looks to promote…
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Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Oct 02, 2015

WILDFOX Launches Exclusive Jem And The Holograms Collection

We're only a few weeks away from Jem And The Holograms hitting a silver screen near you, and in celebration of the iconic '80s cartoon-turned-millennial-must-see-movie…
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Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Oct 01, 2015

30 Jeans And Jackets To Inspire Your Fall Moto Style

Ok so Fall is officially in full swing, which means I pulled out all my cool weather clothes last weekend and took inventory of what…
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Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Sep 30, 2015
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