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28 Gals Who Are Pulling Off Silver Hair

Silver hair isn't really a color every girl can pull off. Kelly Osbourne rocks her pastel locks fabulously whether they are purple or grey. I…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Sep 01, 2014

Congrats! Ashlee Simpson Is A Newlywed...Again!

Awww yay! I was so excited to wake up to the news that Ashlee Simpson has officially tied the knot with her steady of almost…
AmehKristine Sep 01, 2014

The Best Beauty Looks For School!

Just because your school may not let you look the exact way you want doesn't mean you can't look flawless. Here are some natural…
jeffreestar Sep 01, 2014

Styling Sofia Richie for her September cover shoot

I loved styling Sofia for the back to school issue of Nationalist magazine! It was a mixture between wearable and high fashion. I wanted young…
licari Aug 31, 2014

Demi Lovato Accepts Her Biggest Regret

It's no secret Demi Lovato has struggled with body issues and has successfully moved past that dark time in her life, and now lives in…
AmehKristine Aug 28, 2014

Meet Our Buzzmaker Jeffree Star!

Buzznet's one and only go-to for all things trendy, fun, and pink!
AmehKristine Aug 28, 2014

Alter The Press! Contest: Demi Lovato 2014 North American Fall Tour Tickets

Alter The Press! is an online pop/alternative music publication that provides up-to-date news, reviews, interviews with all your favorite bands and more. ALTER THE PRESS
AmehKristine Aug 28, 2014

Hot Or Not: Andrew Garfield's Jared Leto Inspired Beard

It's been quite the year for Jared Leto, who aside from becoming an A-list celebrity and touring the world with his band 30 Seconds To…
AmehKristine Aug 27, 2014

Blondes Vs. Brunettes

As we've all seen, celebs like to change ther hair style and color often to spice things up, but which color fits them best? Check…
We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 23, 2014

Best Disney Tattoo's On The Web

Im always doing new editions to my Favorite Disney Tattoo posts! There are just so many magical ones I can't stop collecting them! The Little…
Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching Aug 23, 2014

The Many Faces Of: Rita Ora

I know you all love to smile and of course love looking at your favorite musicians, celebs and band members right? Well, why not do…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 18, 2014

Katy Vs. Cara Who's Pizza Face Do You Like Best?

Celebrities are so funny when it comes to being fashion forward. Their place in the spotlight somehow makes it easier for them to get away…
AmehKristine Aug 18, 2014
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